We focus on relationships both as a critical area of skills development as well as a key vehicle through which learning is facilitated. Congruence between what we do in the learning process and our business practice is a core value and to this end, collaborative relationships are at the heart of our work. We have partnerships with a select group of leading practitioners and institutions to enrich the cutting edge quality of our work.

Rosemary Grant

Rosemary Grant has 20 years’ experience as a senior business leader and is an international executive coach. She brings richness, depth and impact as well as global experience to leadership development. Read more

Chris Breen 

Emeritus Associate Professor Chris Breen is an independent consultant. He works as an academic, director, visiting lecturer and leadership programme developer both nationally and internationally. Read more

Maryse Barak 

Maryse Barak is a facilitator and an executive coach who coaches locally and internationally. She  creates and delivers programmes designed to enrich, engage and develop leaders. Read more

David Bond

David Bond is an international facilitator, educator, executive coach and retreat leader with over 25 years global experience who works as a catalyst for substantive leadership change. Read more

Vuyo Koyana

Vuyo Koyana promotes activities that empower through personal experience and learning. She works predominantly in the field of human development, including dispute resolution and diversity management training. Read more

Karin Verhaest

Karin Verhaest has 30 years of experience inside organisations as a leader and change driver, and externally as a trainer, executive coach, senior consultant and master facilitator. Read more


  • University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business (SA)
  • London Southbank University Health Systems Innovation Lab (UK)
  • Henley Business School (SA)