We build leadership practice through our learning programmes. This is quite distinct from leadership training because we focus on the translation of leading edge thinking, approaches, and tools into sustained personal and organisational practice, and not just on the acquisition of knowledge. The emphasis is on tangible shifts in leadership behaviour. To this end, we work:

  • From who the leader is to what the leader does
  • In partnership with the wider business to understand and engage strategic imperatives through the learning


Each intervention is designed with the unique configuration of the context, client and group in mind. The work is undertaken in partnership with the client and undergoes intensive review after each phase to ensure continuing alignment with the organisation. Each iteration of ongoing processes is subject to rigorous refinement. The intention is to deepen impact of the learning; include the latest advancements in leadership practice and stay relevant to the evolving needs of the company.


All processes are designed with rigorous feedback forming a part of the programme. Space is created for both verbal and written assessments, while constant reflection and evaluation is encouraged. Feedback takes place between participants, between facilitators and participants, and between facilitators and their clients.


To facilitate shifts in behaviour, it is essential to create the opportunity for practice. For this reason, the processes are phased with time to apply learning between sessions.  Elements of leadership practice are introduced and gathered into learning strands. These strands are layered across the modules. In each session, the learning strands are deepened for increasing mastery in each area. The learning strands are developed in line with the leadership framework at work in the client organisation and this framework is used as a foundation for tracking progress and development


Energy, engagement, practicality, reflection, consciousness, confidence and play characterise our processes. Our approach to facilitation is immediate, responsive and fluid. We focus on the energy, engagement and connection within the group and adjust the process design constantly to ensure not only that the intended outcomes are realised but also that each group leaves with strengthened relationships and heightened energy.


By taking the learning back into everyday leadership practice within the organisation, participants in our processes consistently reflect significant shifts in their ways of working and demonstrate tangible results in their businesses. Our work has a track record for sustained, visible impact on behaviour.


Since 2018, Liz de Wet Leadership Development has designed and implemented the highly successful international Ascend programme for Johnson & Johnson. The leadership programme is focused on women staff members and is designed to accelerate the growth of high-potential, high-performing mid-level diverse talent into more senior roles. You can find out more about the programme here and measure its influence in Johnson & Johnson’s inaugural publication You Belong: Diversity & Inclusion Impact Review.