Karin Verhaest is passionate about helping leaders and organisations grow and excel. Her pledge is to serve as a catalyst for leaders and organisations to connect with what is deeply meaningful to them and what they would love to contribute to the world. She loves to be their “compagnon de route” on their journey.  She is also an active citizen engaged in several local social profit projects.


Karin had an international career in the IT sector, leading large change projects for European banks. From there she moved to leadership and organisational development. This accumulates to more than 30 years of professional experience both inside organisations as a leader and change driver, and externally as a trainer, executive coach, senior consultant and master facilitator. She serves corporate clients, as well as NGOs and government agencies. Karin has co-designed and led leadership programs for a range of clients from corporate, NGO and government sectors.


Karin’s background enables her to build strong bridges between systems, processes, strategy, and people. Her areas of focus are leadership development, employee engagement, and culture change. Her approach is holistic and systemic, connecting the dots and triggering different sources of intelligence. She focuses on what is already working, and on “making things stick”. She excels at creating spaces for reflection, insight and deep connection for people to align within themselves. She is valued for her ability to enable alignment, engagement and accountability. Clients trust her authenticity and appreciate Karin for her clarity, her soft strengths and thoroughness, and her capacity to engage and challenge.

Corporate clients

Karin has worked with ING bank, Danske Bank, AkzoNobel, Telefónica, BASF, Novartis, l’Oréal,, Roxtec, Metro, and more.


Karin holds Masters degrees in both Mathematics and Computer Science. In addition she holds certificates in Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT), Coaching (Coach University, US), Graphic Facilitation Skills (The Grove Consultants International, US), Mindfulness, Systemic Constellation work, Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), Buddhist psychology (Tariki Trust), and Solution Focused Facilitation and Coaching (Ilfaro).


Based in Belgium, Karin works in Dutch, French and English.