Welcome to Liz de Wet Leadership Development, a boutique organisation that specialises in niche leadership programmes. Together with my partners, I run a select portfolio of custom designed leadership and executive team interventions for the clients we partner with across Africa, North America, Europe and the Middle East.

We focus exclusively on building leadership practice and our programmes are known for the sustained, visible impact they deliver to the leaders we work with.

The organisation is built on a model of collaboration with key individual and institutional partners to ensure that we are lean, agile and immediately responsive to the specific needs of our clients and the changing context.

This website has been created to offer some insight into the people that I partner with, the clients we work with, and the particular approach that informs our work.

Please feel free to browse and to contact me if anything engages your curiosity. I would be glad to hear from you.



My aspiration is to contribute to the development of insightful leaders who can rise to the challenges of enabling maintainable human performance and sustainable, successful organisations in the 21st century. …Read More


Philosophy: Leadership Practice vs Training

We build leadership practice through our learning programs. This is quite distinct from leadership training because we focus on the translation of leading edge thinking, approaches, and tools into sustained personal practice.…Read More

Case Study: Johnson & Johnson

Since its inception in 2007, the Johnson and Johnson Ascend Women's leadership programme has seen over 300 senior women executives from more than 30 countries complete the programme.…Read More


Leadership is a relational practice

I have sought out partnerships with a select group of leading facilitators, coaches and institutions around the world to enrich the cutting edge quality of the work.…Read More


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